Kalvebod Fælled School is a sports and movement school where the aim is to promote the physical and mental health of children through sport, movement and play. Therefore, the architects have also focused on supporting the school's social vision and creating a school where the social and active living of the kids are embedded in the rugged and beautiful house, and where the sports hall thus functions as the heart of the school. The school must free the body and embrace the free play.

Inside, focus has been on great acoustics, providing space for quiet breaks during a school day full of motion. Therefore, the architects have also looked for different solutions to the acoustics of the school, depending on the room in which they are located.

A golden-gray acoustic ceiling

Architect MAA Anita Lindholm Krak, who has been project manager at Kalvebod Fælled School, says that the requirements for acoustics at the primary schools built in the municipality of Copenhagen are high. At the same time, the architect office itself has high demands for aesthetics and design on their projects. So for them, it was about finding a method that could more than just solve acoustics. The products should at the same time meet their design requirements.

- For the balconies and atriums, which have visible concrete columns and provide views of the sports hall from all floors, we demanded a monolithic, polished surface as a system delivery to our acoustic solution. A solution that should be smooth and homogeneous, and not just white. For example, we required that it be a warm golden-gray color. The main contractor chose to solve this with Rockfon Mono Acoustic, who lived up to our requirements, says Anita Lindholm Krak.

Impact resistant materials to the heart of the school

At the school's heart, the sports hall, the architects were looking for an acoustic solution that was impact resistant and thus able to resists battles, which at the same time would play aesthetically with visible installations.

The contractors chose, therefore, from architectural requirements Rockfon VertiQ, which consists of both ceiling and wall absorbers.

"We have been very pleased with the collaboration with Rockfon, who advised the entrepreneur in their various solutions, so that we could acoustically create a good working environment for the teachers and a good learning environment for the children in all kinds of workplaces," concludes Anita Lindholm Krak.


Kalvebod Fælled School

Arkkitehti:Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects
Valokuvaaja:Svend Christensen
Tuotteet:Rockfon CleanSpace® Air, Rockfon VertiQ®, Rockfon® Mono Acoustic
Mitat:1200 x 600, 2400 x 600

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